Can you enjoy luxury and still be eco-concious? - Sustainability and Watches

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Can you enjoy luxury and still be eco-concious? - Sustainability and Watches

22nd April - Earth Day

Now, more than ever we are becoming an increasingly more eco-conscious generation. Hearing the word ‘luxury’ doesn’t instantly bring to one’s mind the most eco-friendly image -from extravagant excessive materials, lavish showrooms and beautiful packaging. Generally, it is a very glamourised experience -far from our natural perception of what might be eco-conscious.

So how can we enjoy the finer things in life, indulge in some luxury yet still be a responsible buyer?

The answer is simple really: shop pre-owned.

Shopping within the second-hand watch market encourages continuous use of the item. Luxury watches boast of durability and longevity. They are investments and heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. You get to experience the joy of watching your grandchild’s eyes light up at that first Omega your father gave you that made your very eyes light up in the same way.

Most importantly, it allows us to give this watch a new life. A new story. A new purpose. A new meaning. All while carrying a deep history with it.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff right?

The pre-owned market allows us to pay respect to these extraordinary timepieces by keeping them alive. They are different to the ordinary purchase. They are special. They are worthy of the respect and the care to be selective on who is allowed to have the honour of wearing it on their wrist next.

If you have a true love for watches and an appreciation for its art, then the pre-owned industry is really the best place to shop.

Not to mention the rare or discontinued timepieces that you can find within the second-hand market. It is a shopping world filled with opportunity to discover some of the finest and most meaningful watches.

Aside from the power of being able to give a watch a second life, shopping pre-owned also comes with some great sustainability benefits.

Shopping luxury generally means longer lasting wear and not having to upkeep the habit of frequent purchases from high street brands.

Unlike the habits we see consumers adopt in the fast fashion market, it would be rare for buyers to purchase a special timepiece and then simply throw it away when they are bored -in fact it would be borderline insanity.

Shopping within the pre-owned market means a reduction in the need of energy use and waste. Each luxury watch brand has their own commitments to sustainability that you can align your values accordingly when deciding where to shop. For example, Breitling use Econyl fibre made from ocean plastics for its bracelets and IWC uses recycled gold in some watches. Deloitte produced a survey for its Swiss Watch Industry Study 2020 stating that over 50% of watch buyers considered sustainability as a determining factor when purchasing and Deloitte projects that this number will continue to increase.

Ultimately, the pre-owned market allows you to enjoy a glamourised experience while still being responsible and eco-friendly. That’s a win win if you ask me. 

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